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Please keep the pianos in the practice rooms and performance venue in their best possible playing condition by complying with the following requests.

  • No drinks, food or smoke are allowed in practice rooms.
  • Please keep your belongings off the instrument and avoid any activity that might     potentially damage either the outside case or its inner workings.
  • Do not open the cover or remove any parts of the instruments. Any problems with   an instrument should be reported to the office.
  • Please do not leave music, instrument(s), books, purses, tape recorders, etc. in a practice room unattended.
  • The SAMAA does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen property.
  • Please turn off the light and close the door when leave.
  • If you have knowledge of unauthorized use of the practice rooms, please report it the office.
  • All items should be returned to their original locations at the end of each practice session.
  • To protect our floors, cellists and double bass students are asked to use rubber tips or stoppers on their instrument end pins.
  • Students who violate these policies are subject to fines.